If you have ever dropped an outboard engine overboard, had one jump off the transom, or had your boat sink in the slip, then you were in a pickle. In fact, you needed to "pickle" it to salvage that poor powerplant. picklelead

Haven't faced this problem just yet? Good. We're certainly not suggesting you try this intentionally, as we did. But you should know exactly how this process works ahead of time - because if your outboard does take a saltwater submersion, time becomes imperative.

In order to help you understand how pickling an engine works, we'll show unyielding self-sacrifice and dedication to the cause. Yes, despite the tremendous emotional cost we're going to... Nah. If you want to find out exactly what happens and just how crazy we're going to get, you'll have to watch the video. So grab a bag of popcorn (or maybe a deep-fried pickle,) kick back, and check it out.