Without question, the M41 Widebody catamaran from Dave’s Custom Boats is one of the most talked about and anticipated new-model go-fast boat releases west of Mississippi in years. It follows on the heels of the El Cajon, Calif., builder’s release of the M31, an expanded-beam version of its 31-foot cat that was a big hit with the DCB faithful and members of the high-performance powerboat media. The extended-beam format of the Widebody hull creates a better stance on the water, which translates to improved high-speed stability and handling, and more cockpit space.

M41 catamaran

Now that the M41 catamaran’s hull and finished, the exotic go-fast boat is ready for interior installation and rigging.

But the M41 has taken a little longer than Dave Hemmingson, Tony Chiramonte, and the rest of the crew at DCB expected. Part of that had to do with 41-footer’s design, tooling, and construction process. The carbon fiber and epoxy cat was created with a process called “Class-A Surfacing,” which is used in the luxury-performance automotive world. According to Hemmingson, the creation of the 41-footer represents the first time this process, which uses the 3-D modeling to create a hull and deck without flaws, has been used in the go-fast boat world.

DCB 41-footer

A rearview look at the 41-footer, which will be powered by twin 1,350-hp turbocharged engines from Mercury Racing.

The hull and deck are complete and ready for interior installation and engine compartment rigging. The catamaran reportedly will be powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1350 engines. Given that the bare hull and deck, complete with an inner liner and fuel cells, weigh just 3,900 pounds, the 41-footer promises to be an aquatic rocket.

"This boat is amazing—the Class-A Surfacing is incredible," Hemmingson said. "I mean every square inch of this boat is flawless. You can see reflections in the surface that you can't imagine. It's like I can't believe a boat can be this straight."

With the first M41 Widebody out of the molds and ready for rigging, DCB has started lamination on the second one. Next up for the company is substantially smaller Widebody model—at 28-footer to be dubbed the M285.

The M41 will list in the high six-figure range.