Welcome to ICAST – the largest fishing tackle trade show in the country. It’s been an amazing ride for the past two days, as I joined in with the Earthsports.com team to introduce our new site to the world. We’ve had a great reception, thanks to all. But… we’ve also been working from sunup to well past sundown each day thus far, and I’m blogging now as everyone else is changing to go to dinner – that’s how tight the schedule has been. So today’s blog (tonight’s?) is going to be THE LAMEST BLOG EVER. In fact, I’m not even going to post a picture. (Take that, you SEO guys!!!) Of course, I don’t want to be a total let-down. So here’s something that should be of interest to fish-heads up & down the coasts: a recap of some of the cool new gear that’s been introduced at the show:

-Shimano has a slew of new gear, and since we got a sneak-peek at some of it in Key West a few months back, we already have video of it in action. Check out the New Product Showcase, to see the videos and learn more about Wax Wing lures and the Talica II.

-Ocean LED has a hot new underwater light design. These puppies actually screw into the drain plug hole(s) in your boat, so they require NO additional holes in the transom or hull.

-Suffix has a new line which incorporates Gore fibres. That  both abrasion resistance, and castability. (I can’t wait to fish with this stuff.)

-Rapala has several new lines of crankbaits and lures, plus a new digital culling system.

The Smoke, a new baitcaster from Quantum. Kevin Van Dam gave us a run-down on these reels, which are so darn light (the 100 series is just 6.2 ounces!) it’ll blow your mind… blow it with smoke, that is.

Castaway’s Micro Guide rods, which have an all-new guide design that boosts accurancy and cuts wind knots.

Penn’s Torque, a completely redesigned reel that’s nothing like the old version.

There are a lot more products you’ll want to hear about, and we shot gobs of video for the EarthSports site, so stay tuned – when I have a life again, you’ll hear all about  ‘em!!!