Photos by Per Heegaard

Photos by Per Heegaard

On Thursday 5 July she made her maiden test under power and sail.

img6694On board were among others the new owner Preben Jacobsen (the Danish manufacturer of JAMO loudspeakers - one of the biggest and leading manufactures of loudspeakers in the world) the three X-Yachts' owners, chief engineer Niels Ditmar and chief electrician and engine engineer John Morsing, who had been more than busy designing and testing the many systems on board the new X-Yachts 73.

img6693We were sailing under power out of the Fjord of Haderslev at 10,5 knots having just 2400 revs on each engine. Then finally we unfurled the North 3 DL Maraton sail in less than 5 knots true wind and it was really astonishing to see and feel the power of this new 73 footer.

The boat speed in the very light breeze came close to 8 knots, which gave the impression of being on board a catamaran.

The non-overlapping headsail, set on a hydraulic headstay, having just one single sheet run to the captive winch situated below deck, is sheeted on a selftacking track in front of the mast.

The height of the mast and the size of the mainsail are made bigger than on a normal cruising yacht in order to compensate for the missing headsail overlapping area, and that did really work fantastic during the yacht's first trial test.

The owner and the entire crew were just smiling and laughing when they experienced this fantastic power under sail!!

The 73 is very different from any other yacht her size. She is a new combination of a Pilot House and a Deck Saloon yacht, but with the advantages from both concepts.

Most often a Pilot House yacht has a very limited feel of air and space in the actual pilot house. The feel of air and space will be "the thing" about the X-Yacht 73 - the central island platform is directly connected to the rest of the main cabin. The X-Yachts 73 will be offered in various choices of interior versions and will be specified standard in the finest teak veneers, but can of course be made as desired by the client.

The 2 rudder blades, each just aft of the propellers, are steered by one of three wheel positions - either the pilot house based - or the starboard - or the port cockpit wheel. She has an upstairs accommodation, where the helmsman and his guest/family can enjoy the outside world as well as communicate with the guests who may enjoy the downstairs accommodation.

We look very optimistic forward to the presentation of the first X-Yachts 73 at the Imuiden Boat Show in Holland from 4 to 9 September then at the Southampton Boat Show in UK from14 to 23 September and finally at the Genoa Boat Show in Italy from 13 to 21 October.


Total length22.53 m73.9 ft
Displ. (empty)37,900 kg81,411 lbs
L.O.A.21.95 m72.0 ft
L.W.L.19.32 m63.4 ft
Beam max.6.00 m19.7 ft
Draft min.2.50 m8.2 ft
Engine diesel2 x 100 HP2 x 74 kW
Draft max.3.15 m10.3 ft
Mainsail134.1 m21443.4 ft2
Genoa on self tacker105.6 m21136.7 ft2
Spinnaker387.0 m24165.6 ft2

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