Take a gander at the 95 foot long convertible Marlena built by Jim Smith Tournament Boats, and you may think you are looking at the ultimate in offshore fishing machines, with each and every fishing accoutrement you could possibly imagine (see Saltwater Fishing Boats: 10 Things to Look For, to get those brain juices flowing). This five stateroom, five head boat is so bodacious, it has room to carry its very own flats boat right on the bow. You can watch the action in the cockpit from not one, not two, not three, but four (four!) different levels, and when the bite dies down you’ll be greeted by a luxurious interior finished in cherry paneling.

jim smith 95

The 95 foot Marlena may look like the ultimate in sportfishing machines, but hold on a sec...

Yes, you might think the Marlena is the ultimate in canyon-bound convertibles—until you meet her new sister. Jim Smith recently unveiled the new Marlena, a 105-footer that’s been under construction for nearly three years.

105 convertible offshore fishing boat

If you believe bigger is better then meet the new Marlena, seen here taking up both lanes of the road on her way to the marina.

Bodacious? Ummm, yes. And that’s just the beginning of the story. The boat is predicted to hit around 45-mph, propelled through the water with a pair of 16-cylinder MAN 2000 diesel monsters. Beam is 25’, and this yacht is expected to draw 5’7”. It has seven staterooms and seven heads, and at 3,300 gallons, hauls more fuel than the average boater will burn in a decade. It’s also outfitted with Seakeeper M26000 gyroscopic stabilizers.
Max. Draft5'7"
Fuel capacity3,300 gal.
Water capacity600 gal.

Marlena is built with glass-over-wood construction, and is Jim Smith’s 29th hull to hit the water. Interior décor will follow the cherry tradition set by her older sister. But, isn't a yacht this size really to big to fish with? No, it won’t be the most maneuverable boat in the fleet. And surely, clean-up time will be extended a bit; banish the thought of tracking fish blood from the cockpit into this cabin. But consider this: with a pair of 46’ outriggers—the largest production riggers around—the Marlena will be able to spread its trolling baits out over a swath of water well over 100’ wide. There will be enough stowage space to hold an entire tackle store’s worth of lures aboard. Literally. And when small craft warnings keep the rest of the fleet at the dock? Pish-tosh, let’s go fishing, shall we?

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