PHOTOS: E.J. Bruinekool Fotografie

Smart owners do a good deal of research before selecting a superyacht builder, but 35 years of research? That’s how long the owner of Uisge Beatha had been following activity at Jongert Shipyard before commissioning the sloop-rigged, all-aluminum 2400M sailing yacht that launched in late June.

It’s interesting to note that the owner of Uisge Beatha (pronounced oosh-ga beh-huh, meaning “water of life,” a.k.a. whisky, in Scottish Gaelic) ran a shipyard herself for many years. “It happened more than once that during a boat show, we looked very closely at a Jongert yacht, more or less with a ruler and notebook at the ready,” she explains in a statement released by the yard. She and her partners “borrowed” many of the ideas for their yard’s boats. Even after leaving the yachting industry a while ago, she never forgot what she liked about Jongerts. So last year she finally signed a contract for the 2400M, measuring 24.3 meters (78 feet).

One of the primary attractions for her is the ability to cruise without a crew. In fact, the owner of Uisge Beatha plans to run her with just a partner. In addition, she paid particular attention to the engine room. “Everything is organized in such a way that you don’t have to remove a part to get access to the part you need to work on,” the owner says. She’s pleased with the amount of headroom as well.

Even though Uisge Beatha will embark on journeys with just two people aboard at times, the owner still included accommodations for seven guests. Perhaps they’ll join in on dives, an activity that the duo really enjoys. It’s also an activity that ensured a lot of attention was paid to the way the RIB launches. To head out to a site quickly, they wanted the RIB to hit the water literally within seconds. They, in conjunction with Jongert’s in-house team, designed a davit that wouldn’t detract from the lines of the megayacht.

Enjoy this slideshow showing the launch.