Karpaz Gate Marina promenade

If everything continues going as planned, the illustrated buildings and promenade above will be realities next spring, part of a new marina in Cyprus.

Karpaz Gate Marina has been in the works for the past few years, in the northern part of the country. Its name comes from that of the peninsula upon which it’s situated. Karpaz is among the least-developed regions in the Med, characterized by fishing villages and farms where you’re more likely to see horse-drawn plows than tractors. Rocky mountain slopes with pine and olive trees are among the other natural elements, and in some places there are ruins of medieval castles.

The marina is being developed as part of a larger resort, which will include two luxury hotels, shops, a gym, a chandlery, restaurants, and bars. Those amenities should be ready around the same time the marina opens. The developers anticipate adding another hotel and bungalows in what they’re terming a Holiday Village in the years to come.

For next spring’s opening, however, Karpaz Gate Marina will be able to handle yachts to 65 meters (213 feet). Two breakwaters should ensure comfort inside the basin, with one breakwater being close to the promenade and the other being farther and closed to the public, for more privacy. The basin itself will allow yachts to move around with ease. The latter is something the developers decided on after speaking with superyacht owners, who relayed the maneuvering difficulty that other marinas pose. Also related to ease, the marina will feature on-site customs and immigration.

Other yacht-related services will include fueling, sewage and oil disposal, and battery disposal. Should yachts need maintenance work while on a visit, or wish to come solely for refit and repair, the dry docks on the northeast side of the marina should suffice. The planned 300-ton TraveLift will be the largest one in northern Cyprus and make Karpaz Gate Marina capable of hauling and launching yachts that other Turkish facilities cannot.

It’s also worth noting that the Department of Tourism of northern Cyprus has endorsed the marina. The tourism board will help promote the marina and amenities. One of the many facts that will surely be promoted: the resort’s adjacency to two international airports, Lamaka and Ercan.