A group of New Zealand PWC enthusiasts is setting out from London on August 1st in hopes of breaking the world distance record for travel on a personal watercraft.

The trip, dubbed “The Ultimate Ride,” is being led by Jerome Burfoot, who circumnavigated New Zealand in 2006 in a benefit aimed at raising funds for cancer research, and who once again plans to draw attention to this cause. Burfoot is a melanoma survivor.¬†Burfoot’s group includes fellow Kiwis Travis Donoghue and Jed Martin, along with Ivan Otulic from Croatia, who broke the Guinness endurance record last year with a 1,014-mile ride off the Croatian Adriatic coast.

The 32,000 km (just shy of 20,000 miles) journey is scheduled to go from London to the Rhine and Danube rivers, before heading into the Black Sea. From there, riders will head to the Red Sea, head around the Arabian Peninsula, and head north up the old Arab Spice Sea tradewind routes to Pakistan, before heading around and southward down the western coast of India. A support crew will join them as they cross the Bay of Bengal to Singapore. Beyond that the route once again heads south to Papua New Guinea to the east coast of Australia, culminating back in Auckland sometime in November.

If all goes planned, the group will break the current world record of 18,400 km several days beyond Singapore. Anyone interested in tracking the group’s progress can find updates on their website www.london-sydney.com.