Thanks to jobs with boating, PWC, and even snowboard publications/sites over the years, I’ve been able to travel to some pretty cool places. Still, one of the most fun, most scenic trips I’ve ever been on remains Watertop Unlimited’s Bimini Road Rally.

An all-inclusive “escape” for a limited number of guests, Bimini participants leave Miami, cross the Atlantic, navigate the Gulf Stream, then, some 50-odd miles later, arrive in the beautiful waters of the Bahamas. Once in Bimini, they’re treated to great meals, fun side trips during the days, and absolutely no worries — food, fuel, transportation, literally everything is taken care of by WaterTop’s Tim McKercher and his staff.

During my trip we visited both boat and airplane wrecks in the surrounding waters, snorkeled over the infamous Bimini Road, and spent more than a few hours exploring Alice Town. By the time we came home we all felt like we had been on quite possibly the coolest field trip ever devised.

Why the trip down memory lane? Because I just heard the rumor that the Bimini Road Rally may not happen this year. Apparently sign-ups have been low, and there’s the possibility the trip might be cancelled.

And while I understand that discretionary funds aren’t quite so discretionary as of late, I also know that there are people fortunate enough to be able to afford a trip like this that may be missing out.

So just to show you what you might be missing…or rather, what you could be seeing…I’ve been including these photos of my trip. Like what you see? Ready for the challenge of crossing the Gulf Stream and exploring Bimini? Then check out WaterTop Unlimited at