Lenny Rudow

Five prizes for Lenny from BWI was no fluke. He's one of the hardest working and best writers in the business.

We knew he wrote well, and we also knew he was prolific. But watching Lenny Rudow walk up five separate times to accept awards from Boating Writers International still impressed.

The boats.com senior editor takes home awards in the fishing, boat test, and boat engine care and maintenance categories. Read two of  his winners:

"I always enter a lot of stories," Lenny explained afterward. "That helps. And it's nice to win in so many categories."

Lenny Rudow and John Burrnham

Lenny, two of his awards, and a very pleased Dominion Marine Media editorial director, John Burnham

But to enter a lot of stories, first you must write a lot of stories. You can see from our site that Lenny manages that. In between the other aspects of his job, which include editing and posting the stories of others, Lenny manages to fit in an impressive average of two stories per week. Every week. Reviews and electronics updates are balanced with entertaining tales of life on the water.

Lenny is also our primary video boat review talent, always managing to come up with a unique lead that captures the best features of each boat.

"I really enjoy sharing my boating experiences with others," Lenny says. "It's great to go fishing and get paid for it."

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