Summer’s here and the docks are crowded and that means dock carts are scarce. 

I’ve seen civilized adults turn sneaky, bitchy and downright aggressive over a dock cart on a Sunday afternoon when it’s time to head home.  So why not bring your own?   No, I don’t mean your kids that you load up with coolers and duffel bags but a real cart you can take with you anywhere.

The LG-Sea-Lander is a soft-sided, folding cart that holds up to 80 lbs of weight. It measures 17 ½” X 17 ½” X 34” and weights 9 lbs.  It is made of tear, UV and mildew resistant vinyl and a rigid frame.

With its two poly wheels, the LG-Sea-Lander stands up for easy loading and even has a cover in case you’re moving in the rain.  It manages angled ramps and uneven terrain pretty well and is easy to fold and stow. 

The LG-Sea-Lander might get your post weekend runs to the car down to one or two but it is great for cruisers too who don’t have a car and may be making the provisioning trek in foreign lands on foot.

The LG-Sea-Lander retails for $95-$125 depending on where you buy it.  Visit for more information.