Overview: Multi-species fishing and good performance in an extremely well-built but easy to handle boat.

Lenny Rudow dug into every locker to write up these detailed notes.

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  • Create a multi-species fishing machine that has the beef to take on relatively rough lakes and reservoirs, for years on end

  • Deliver performance that’s a grade above what you expect from an aluminum freshwater rig


  • All-welded aluminum hull created from two extruded sections, Mig-welded together down the keel, supported by “powergrid” aluminum structure

  • Wood-free

  • Aluminum deck

  • Integrated chines and strakes

  • Beefy console construction backed up with aluminum supports


  • Hit top-end speeds in the 40-mph range, and cruise in the 30’s

  • Handling a one-foot chop is no problem

  • Time to plane is best described as a blink of the eye


  • Tracks straight, responds to tweaks at the wheel

  • Easy to handle dockside; launching and loading onto the trailer is a breeze


  • Reinforced console is rock-solid

  • Welds look clean and free of anomalies

  • Enhanced passenger comfort (12-v plug, thickly-padded seats, legroom under console) accessories/details

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