As I reveal today in an exclusive story in Powersports Business, a major new aftermarket accessories brand has entered the PWC marketplace. Blacktip Jetsports will initially be concentrating on the popular traction mats and seat covers end of the business.

What makes the company such a strong presence almost from the start are the names behind it. While it’s important to note that Blacktip will be its own separate entity, the brand is the brainchild of SBT founder Greg Pickren, as well as Watercraft Superstore’s John Salvatore. As I reveal in my PSB interview, the pair felt the industry could use another supplier, and are aiming to make Blacktip stand out as a premium, quality brand, not a discount, price-point item. Blacktip also promises to offer a level of inventory and delivery second to none.

“There is one dominant player, and a few smaller ones, and quite frankly delivery is often poor,” Salvatore told me. “We felt like there was an opportunity for us to get in and change that, and market the product through some existing outlets.”

While having product on hand for customers when they want it is key (I recently visited the production facility and was impressed by the volume already on hand), Blacktip also brings a few unique twists to the product itself. All mat kits will feature peel-and-stick adhesive, eliminating the need for contact cement. Seat covers will be fabricated from premium, marine-grade vinyls.

“We’re still going to be competitive, or slightly below market, but these are not price-leader items,” says Salvatore. “These are premium pieces.”

Blacktip will be sold to consumers through Watercraft Superstore. SBT will serve as the exclusive distributor for the dealer and wholesale market.