When you want to go fast on the water—as in more than 150 mph—a custom high-performance catamaran from Marine Technology, Inc., in Wentzville, Mo., is one hot ticket. When you want to chill in total comfort, something from Sunseeker Yachts in the United Kingdom is a fine choice. And if you have the desire and the means for each vessel, why not go for both?

Performance-boat company Marine Technology Inc. will be representing Sunseeker Yachts in the U.S Midwest.

Performance-boat company Marine Technology Inc. will be representing Sunseeker Yachts in the U.S Midwest.

That’s exactly why MTI has become a Sunseeker Yachts dealer in the Midwest, and why Randy Scism, the world championship-winning owner and founder of the go-fast catamaran company, recently returned from a tour of the Sunseeker facility in Dorset, England.

“I have been around Sunseekers a lot because I have a lot of clients who own them, so I was pretty familiar with the different models they offer,” says Scism. “This whole thing started with a customer I have in Europe who has a 53-foot Sunseeker and wants trade it in. That’s how our dialogue with Sunseeker began. I don’t think there’s any conflict. The guys who buy our catamarans are all high-end guys who also buy yachts. I have repeat MTI buyers who have Sunseekers, and I have new MTI customers who are interested in buying them.”

Scism says a new, soon-to-be-released 40-foot Sunseeker model should be a popular choice in the Midwest, particularly on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, which has become something of a Midwest hotbed for the yachts. But while his territory is the Midwest, Scism said that the nature of his customer base is such that they boat year-round all over the country and, as such, are not limited to Sunseeker’s smaller models.

“We’ll be based out of here—Sunseeker hasn’t had good representation in the Midwest for some time—but our customers use their boats all over the place,” says Scism. “They take them south for the winter and north in the summer. They use their boats a lot more than the average, seasonal guys. Sunseeker has this new 38-meter model that’s really cool, and I think some of our existing customers will like it.

“I have one customer who’s had four MTIs and four Sunseekers so far,” Scism adds. “Next time he needs a new boat, I hope to be able to provide that service.”

Marine Technology’s latest project, a 42-foot, high-styled center console V-bottom that should be completed in six months, fits into Scism's symbiotic vision for MTI and Sunseeker. “The new center console will be a very high-end sportboat,” says Scism. “One of the nice things about these guys with these big boats is they use boats models like our center console as tenders. So they complement one another.”