The term power catamaran can be accurately applied to everything from pontoon boats, to offshore fishing boat hull shapes, to engine-equipped multihull sailboats, and the debate as to whether they're better than monohulls or not has raged on since the first Polynesian strapped a pair of log canoes together with a handful of palm fronds. In fact, the power cat versus monohull argument is one that will probably never end. But there is a new entry into the discussion, and it's sure to weigh in on the side of the catamaran: the Meilahn Custom Yachts Gemini SuperSport 60.

gemini supersport 60

The Gemini SuperSport: more evidence that two hulls can be better than one.

Most large powercats are designed specifically for heavy-weather sportfishing or long-distance cruising, taking advantage of a cat's superior wave-handling ability. But the Gemini SuperSport is more interested in the leisurely life, with the attitude of a lion lazing about in the shade. It capitalizes on the twin hull's stability and beam by adding touches like a a hot-tub deck, master and VIP staterooms with pedestal queen berths, and a molded-on swim platform that's nearly as wide as the entire boat.

meilahn gemini supersport

Wow. Say it again: wow. Oh, wow. How many 60-footers can boast of having a hot tub?

Max. Draft3'1"
Weight57,500 lbs
Fuel capacity1,100 gal.
Water capacity125 gal.

It's leisurely until, of course, it springs into action. Another common cat advantage is speed and efficiency, and here again, the Gemini takes full advantage. A pair of twin turbocharged 900-hp Yanmar diesels coupled to Arneson ASD 12 surface drives swinging 21" x 31" Rolla six-blade cleaver props take the boat up to a top-end of 45-mph. Not bad, for a 57,500-lb. beast. And there's another perk to running with that power set-up: the surface drives reduce draft to just a hair over three feet. Most boats in this size range will need another foot or two under the keel.

Construction is high-tech, with Airex core and carbon-fiber, and options include such goodies as satellite TV, FLIR night-vision, and a retractable sunroof. You have a taste for something a bit different? No worries; Meilahn is a custom builder, and can accomodate your cravings. If there's a trade-off in the Gemini 60 it's the 125-gallon freshwater capacity, which seems a bit on the thin side for a boat of this size. Not that anyone will care, since it also has a 1,000 gallon per day watermaker onboard.

The Meilahn is big yet fast, powerful yet sleek, and ferocious yet leisurely.  Welcome to the jungle, king.

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