B & G has come out with a new digital instrument called the T41, as well as an autopilot remote, which both match the B & G Zeus MFD system’s interface. What’s more important than the interface is the function, and these instruments do have a lot of functions to brag about.

Slim and communicative, are B & G's new T41 and Autopilot Control.

Slim and communicative: B & G's new T41 and Autopilot Control

With a 4.1 inch quarter-VGA LED backlit display, the Triton T41 has 320 x 240 pixel resolution. Bonded glass screens eliminate condensation and provide good visibility in varying light conditions, and his unit draws a mere 50 to 150 milliamps of power. Since it’s just 0.65 inches deep, no more than 0.75 inches of space is required behind the helm to mount it. The T41 is designed to get along with both B & G and Simrad Yachting systems, like the new NSS Sport, so it supports both Micro-C and Simnet interfaces. That means wind, speed, depth, and heading sensors from either manufacturer can all “talk” with the new instruments.

Naturally, the T41 can also speak the same language as B & G’s new Triton Pilot Remote autopilot control. This slim little unit is just 2.3 inches wide by 4.5 inches tall, and this is also another skinny guy at 0.65 inches deep, which means it needs a scant 0.55 inches of clearance behind the helm. It’s another stingy power monger, too, drawing a mere 50 miliamps. The interface features single-mode toggle; just hit the “off” key to put the unit on stand-by. It’ll communicate with the T41 via Micro-C, and when the units are integrated with a Zeus system, pilot info and control can be accessed from either station.

Here’s the company line on these new products, as delivered by Louis Chemi, COO of Navico Americas: “B & G has redefined the way cruising sailors and club racers should think about electronics. With Triton and Zeus features designed specifically for their boating needs, sailors no longer have to settle for systems designed for power boaters or choose systems designed for professional racers. In addition, Triton’s ease of integration will appeal to boaters and installers alike.”

Both the T41 and the Triton Pilot Remote are rated IPX7 waterproof, so they can be mounted at helms that regularly get salty spray. Both are also reasonably priced: $299 for the Remote, and $599 for the T41. They’ll start hitting the store shelves in January of 2012, and each carries a two year parts and labor warranty. Since few other manufacturers cater specifically to sailors, those who have a breeze on their brain should check ‘em out.

- Lenny Rudow