The first time I head about the new Cigarette Racing Team website was in November 2011. I was hanging out with Skip Braver, the owner and chief executive officer of the iconic Opa-Locka, Fla., custom boat company, and a slew of other industry folks on an 80-foot Azimut yacht in Key West.

This is just one of the several images that displays on the new Cigarette website after the introduction page.

This is just one of the several images that displays on the new Cigarette website after the introduction page.

All of us were there to catch the Friday races during the Super Boat International Offshore World Championships. We didn’t want to be on a yacht in the Keys, but we had to be. Work is work.

Braver said he expected the site to be live in January, and he was excited about it.

“We’re tired of what we have now,” he said. “We’re looking to create something a lot more dynamic, something that better reflects what we are as a luxury product company.”

Every couple of weeks after, I looked online for the new site. When I didn’t find it, I called Braver who told me more than once it was “coming along.” And that’s how it went for the next six months, until January became late June and the new Cigarette Racing Team website went live.

The question is: Was it worth the wait? The answer—at least my answer—is: Absolutely.

Don’t get me wrong, the previous Cigarette site was compelling. But it also was an in-your-face, rock-and-roll experience that opened with  an ear-grinding techno soundtrack that had me setting a new record for killing the sound on a MacBook Pro every time I opened it.

Far more elegant, the new site “assembles” methodically with several stunning images and related text before a viewer’s eyes, and features the entire 2012 line of the builder's high-performance powerboats. The site was designed by the Atlanta-based Blacoube agency and provides a comprehensive online guide to Cigarette's luxury performance brand.

"We wanted people to be able to learn everything they needed and wanted to know about Cigarette boats and provide that information in an entertaining format," said Skip Braver in a press release from the company. "This site reflects the style of the company and of our customers—classy, classic, tasteful, and beautiful. It shows 'The Cigarette Difference,' which we define as our own niche in the luxury, performance market."

In addition to Cigarette's new high-performance go-fast models and its newer versatile performance center-console group, the site features the builder’s special editions and the performance diesel model. It also traces the rich history of Cigarette offerings and events that built the Cigarette brand name since 1969.

Rich with vibrant running and detail photography of every boat in the current line, the site also features detailed text for each model. Sections of the site worth visiting, according to the release, include “The Lifestyle,” “The Difference,” and “The Legend," which go beyond the typical model line-up information and take visitors into the world of Cigarette owners.

To check it out for yourself, visit the Cigarette Racing Team website.