Hatteras Yachts has a new GT series,  with a GT54, GT60, and GT63 Convertible. Sweet – boat builders are back to building new boats!

The GT 60 has already hit the water, but for 2011 it’s redesigned (and being reintroduced at the Ft. Lauderdale boat show in October), and joined by the GT 54 and GT 63 (to be premiered at the Miami boat show inFebruary).

So, what’s new about these Hatteras yachts? All are built with resin-infusion, which creates a more uniform, lighter, stronger structure. Hatteras says this helps them “slash the weight” in the GT models, though “trim” might be a more appropriate term; the old 60 Convertible displaced 90,000 pounds and the new GT60 displaces 87,000.

The GT series also has a single, integrated fuel tank built into the boat; enhanced visibility in the salon; mezzanine-equipped cockpits; and custom-designed interior furniture packages. As always, cockpit layout can be specified by the customer. Take a gander at these renderings of the GT54, GT60, and GT63, which Hatteras sent out yesterday:

hatteras yachts gt 54 60 63 gt54 gt60 gt63 convertible

The new Hatteras GT series, the 54, 60, and 63 Convertible.