According to what I consider very reliable sources, all three major manufacturers — Kawasaki, Sea-Doo, and Yamaha — are all going to have new product in store for 2011.

Years ago, this wouldn’t be even considered news. New models were a given, and the press, and later the public, eagerly awaited what was in store at various press intros and dealer meetings. For the last several years, however, continued innovation has been replaced by survival mode at some manufacturers, as everyone waited to see just what the economy was going to do, how high or low the price of gasoline would swing, etc, etc, etc.

I can’t promise that the upcoming stuff will be mind-blowing in the way that some landmark craft have been in the past. But just the confirmation that all three will have something new is a good sign.

Both for the public looking for something to buy…and for those of us writing the stories.