Apparently one problem with running a big outboard on a pontoon boat is that sometimes you’ve got too much power. Or at least too much speed for trolling, when the motor is a big V6 turning a high-pitch prop. That’s one reason Al Witte, owner of Pow’rTran in St. Cloud, Minn., devised the Toon Kicker mounting bracket for rigging an auxiliary outboard to a pontoon boat.


The Toon Kicker makes it possible to mount an auxiliary trolling motor on a pontoon boat.

“It was actually a journalist who called me and asked if I could make him a bracket for a kicker,” said Witte. “The main function is for trolling, but it also saves gas when the boat owner just wants to cruise at a slow speed, and it can be get-home insurance for pontoons heading out on more remote waters.”

The Toon Kicker is made from powder-coated, quarter-inch 6061 aluminum plate, bent at a right angle. One surface is mounted to the aft deck of the boat, while the other extends downward and can accommodate a lifting motor bracket, which must be supplied by the boat owner. The unit is braced by an arm that extends forward to be bolted to the structure of the boat. The Toon Kicker can be mounted to port or starboard of the main motor, and a slotted backing plate for the brace makes it possible to fit the unit most boats. Witte said that kicker brackets from Pow’rTran, Garelick, Marine Tech and Panther will bolt up to the Toon Kicker, which is designed to support 120 pounds and an outboard up to 9.9 horsepower. The kicker motor can be steered via a tie rod to the anti-ventilation plate of the main motor.


Toon Kicker mounts to the pontoon deck and is braced by an arm extended forward and bolted to the boat structure. The actual lifting bracket for the motor is not included with the Toon Kicker.

The Toon Kicker is priced at $289, and Witte says that larger braces can be made on special order, either to fit a specific boat or to hold a bigger auxiliary motor.

For More Information, visit Pow’rTran.