img10942The Multi XL is an enlarged version of the Multi Control instrument with 40 mm (1.6") clearly readable digits. The big digits make this instrument suitable for larger boats where the distance between the steering position to the front end of the cockpit make ordinary instruments difficult to read. It is also well suited for mast mounting. The instrument is fully operated from the Remote Control instrument, which may be mounted at the steering position or hand held at the rail.

The high contrast, low multiplexed LCD provides excellent read-ability in bright sunlight as well as during night navigation. The wavelength of the red/orange backlighting (same as all NEXUS instruments) has minimal effect on your night vision. The number of functions and combinations are almost unlimited. The benefits of customized main and sub-function combination provide you with an unlimited system.


Power supply12V DC (10-16V)Polarity protected
Current consumption9mA at 12V 

Selectable main functions

Speed page:

  • Boat speed

  • Speed over ground

  • Target boat speed

  • Velocity made good

  • WP closure velocity

  • Speed of current (DRF)

Depth page:

  • Depth (m, ft or fathoms)

Nav page:

  • Heading

  • Course over ground

  • Course of current

  • Course on next leg

  • Bearing to WP

  • True wind direction

  • Custom angular data (transmitted from a computer)

Wind page:

  • True wind angle

  • Apparent wind angle

  • True wind speed

  • Apparent wind speed

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