While many industry observers claim true PWC innovation will be somewhat stagnant until the economy truly rebounds, one major OEM has given me a sneak peak at a late-2010 model that legitimately hits 85 mph…and does not use gasoline.

A pipe dream? Not so, according to my test ride of this revolutionary new craft, which uses a unique new electric motor with a radical boost system borrowed from aerospace technology. I recorded an 82.9 mph run in less-than-ideal conditions, and not one drop of gasoline was burned in the process.

The OEM in question, which chooses to remain anonymous at this date, also claims the new craft will not have an exorbitant price tag, but instead may actually come to market only slightly higher than today’s priciest craft.

“We will literally change the industry this fall,” boasts the brand’s product manager, who gave me the exclusive on this incredible machine. “Some people may not believe it, but they’d be foolish not to. The technology is real, and today we’re teasing what’s to come.”

Look for my exclusives in nearly all major media outlets today, April 1, 2010.