Hey! Take a break from your New Year's prep for a minute. Before we roll the year ahead again, we're taking a quick look back at your top 10 choices for 2013, the most popular reviews we published this year. Between them, these posts brought more than 22,000 of you to our site.

Ranger Tugs R31

The Ranger Tugs R31 is a perfect pocket trawler and was our 10th most popular review in 2013.

#10 Ranger Tugs R31: Pocket Trawler Panacea

I'm not surprised about this one; this small but nimble cruiser inspired me to write a blog about Pocket Trawlers under the Boats We Love umbrella. Small cruisers like this one can inspire big dreams, especially when they are well fitted out with a place for everything.

#9 Jim Smith 105: The Ultimate Sportfishing Convertible?

Reviewer Lenny Rudow says "Bodacious? Ummm, yes. And that’s just the beginning of the story."

#8 Sea Hunt Bx 24 Br: Beast Of A Bay Boat

A versatile center console might just be the perfect boat: you decide.

#7 Yamaha AR192 And SX192 Jet Boats: Sporty And Supercharged

Jet boats popped up from a variety of manufacturers in 2013. Here are two from Yamaha.

#6 J/88 Boat Review: Going Sailing For Work

This of course is my favorite: the only sailboat, and the only review I wrote myself that made this top 10 list.

Boston Whaler 350

The Boston Whaler Outrage 350 is a good cure for 3-foot-itis.

#5 Boston Whaler 350 Outrage: Man Your Battle Stations

As reviewer Lenny Rudow says, "If you liked the 320 yet feel the need for a little more LOA, you’ll be glad to learn that Boston Whaler has just introduced the 350 Outrage – and it’s ideal for scratching that three-foot itch."

#4 Boston Whaler Dauntless 270: Newer, Bigger, Better

And still unsinkable. No wonder that Boston Whaler was the only company to be represented twice on our top 10 list.

#3 Sea-Doo Gtr 215: Real Bang For The Buck In A PWC

As our bronze medal winner, the following statement by reviewer Charles Plueddeman is probably no longer true: "The Sea-Doo GTR 215 may be the most overlooked model in the current Sea-Doo watercraft line-up."

#2 Sea Ray 21 Jet: Bowrider Of The Future

Unfortunately, six months after Jeff Hemmel wrote this review, Sea Ray announced that they would not be putting either of their new jet boat models into production. Read Sea Ray Reverses Decision to Enter Jet Boat Market.

Bayliner Element hull shape

The Bayliner Element hull carries an “M” shape, to maximize stability.

#1 Bayliner Element: Need An Inexpensive Runabout? Deckboat? Bowrider?

Topping the list of traffic-attraction is one of our least expensive and most versatile boats. Jeff Hemmel calls the Element "a mash-up of jet boat, runabout, and deckboat," making it attractive to a wide audience.

Got a favorite you thought would surely be here, but isn't? That doesn't mean we didn't review it: check our full list of boat reviews.

We've already got a variety of boats lined up to cover in 2014. But now, back to your holiday planning and festivities. And Happy New Year from all of us at boats.com.