Charles Plueddeman, our Outboard Expert, just sent us the latest from his beat:

Yamaha's video shows good acceleration.

A clip from Yamaha's video

"Yamaha is priming the publicity pump for a new bass-boat outboard product it’s calling a 'game-changer.' I’ll be heading to the Yamaha outboard product development center in Alabama on November 16th to see this new motor in person and will file a full report as soon as possible thereafter. Until then, it’s all a big secret. Yamaha has launched a teaser website for the new motor at which includes video of the new motor blowing off a Yamaha Vmax two-stroke on hole-shot acceleration – captured from far enough overhead that we can’t really see the new motor. Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype."

We'll bring you Charles' full report as soon as it's ready. Meantime, have a look at the video. Yes, it's a teaser, but it's fun to watch anyway.