With the demand for larger Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats models stronger than its has been in several years (read the story, Back to Big Basics at Outerlimits), the company’s move to a larger facility could not be more perfectly timed. The Bristol, R.I., builder of custom high-performance V-bottoms and catamarans completed the move into its new plant from its former facility just a few miles down the road in early January. The new plant is now fully operational.

The move to a larger plant comes not a moment too soon for Outerlimits, as the company’s big-boat business is booming.

“It’s great to be here—it’s great to have all this ‘extra’ space,” said Mike Fiore, the founder and owner of Outerlimits. “Moving in was a pain, of course, and we worked like animals to get it done. But now that we’re here, wow, what a difference.”

With 80,000 square feet of space, the new facility more than doubles the working area of the company’s former 30,000-square-foot plant. Like the former facility, the new one has a post-curing “oven” that can accommodate even the largest Outerlimits model at 52 feet long, as well as any number of individual parts. Fiore believes that post curing is essential for his boats, all of which are constructed using epoxy and carbon fiber. That made having enough space for a post-curing operation paramount in his selection of a new plant.

As he did with his new West Coast operation in Fresno, Calif., Fiore said he plans to add a repowering/rerigging/restoration department at his new home base, as well as expand his company’s current service operation. The repower department will specialize in installing new Mercury Racing engines in existing Outerlimits models.

“It’s something we’re very good at, and a service very few companies offer,” he said. “We’re also going to add an Outerlimits certification service. It will be a complete inspection and certification service for all the pre-owned Outerlimits models we take in on trade.”

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