Years ago I was talking to Liquid Force’s Jimmy Redmon about a current champion wakeboarder, and he commented that the guy better enjoy it now, because a kid by the name of Parks Bonifay was going to soon blow them all away.

That prediction came true. Parks Bonifay, already a novelty at six months after becoming the Guinness record holder for world’s youngest water skier, has become one of the biggest stars the sport of wakeboarding has ever known. From comps to videos to an episode of MTV Cribs, Bonifay has achieved legendary status.

And now, so too has a documentary about his life, the (what else?) Parks Bonifay Documentary.

The award winner for Best Biography at the acclaimed X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival, the Bonifay documentary pushes wakeboarding squarely among action-sports elite.

“We believed that the appeal of the story of Parks Bonifay went well beyond the audiences within our community and the award of ‘Best Biography’ is solid confirmation,” said Bill McCaffray, Executive Producer with Alliance Visual Experiences. “An X-Dance award for the Parks Documentary is the type of recognition that grows participation and the industry. Arguably, the Parks Documentary, through the incredible life story of one of our most charismatic athletes, will help introduce our sport to more people and create closer ties within the action sports arena.”

The DVD retails for about $28 and can be found at board shops or favorite online stores, including Here’s a glimpse…