Global yacht/powerboat shipping and logistic leader Peters & May has inked a deal with the American Power Boat Association to become the powerboat race-sanctioning body’s official logistics provider. The oldest organization of its kind in the United States, the East Pointe, Michigan-based APBA is the domestic affiliate of the Union Internationale Motonautique, powerboat racing’s acknowledged worldwide sanctioning body.

Junior hydro racers line up with Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani and J.W. Myers. Peters & May handled the logistics for the Oryx Cup event. Photo by Bill Osborne.

“The dedication that Peters & May Racing has shown to powerboat racing over the last four years is truly remarkable,” said Dan Wiener, the executive of APBA, in a press release from the organization. “It’s clear to see that [Peters & May chief executive officer] Dave Holley and his team only want the best for our sport, and we are very excited to be joining forces to help accomplish our goal of continued growth.”

During the past several years, Peters & May Racing has supported boats and teams at various levels, including the Unlimited hydroplane U-11 Miss Peters & May, the E-55 Inboard 5-litre, two international 0350s, a World Champion F1 and a P1 Offshore. The company, which has a number of offices around the world, also has helped ship numerous boats overseas from the United States, including the boats of Billy Allen and the USA Team, all of the H1 Unlimited hydroplanes for their UIM World Championship in Qatar, and, most recently, several J-Hydros to Doha.

“Boat racing has always been in my blood,” said Holley. “For me, I would like to see the sport continue to grow, especially when it’s in hard times. I have seen so many companies take money out of the sport and put nothing back in. It just frustrates me. By supporting the sport we not only get the satisfaction of seeing our teams succeed in their goals, but we also generate additional business, which allows us to increase the next year’s commitment.

“We’ve seen changes in the APBA over the last couple of years that we think are for the good,” he added. “The sport is changing its mentality, and we are delighted to be on board to try and drive that as well.”