January in New England: howling wind, blowing snow, and below freezing temperatures with only nine hours of daylight. It can be a depressing time of year even for a life long New Englander. Solution?

My escape is to drive my van south, full of all the toys needed to go play in the sun and warm water. So I drive 1500 miles in my old Chevy van, listening to the Delco push button radio and loving every minute of it. Ah freedom… crank down the window, turn up the music, and oh yeah, shut off the cell phone.

Moonrise and the loom from Sarasota illuminate this midnight photo.

Once in Florida, I head to my favorite sailing location in Sarasota and rig up my Formula windsurfing board. On the water, I quickly get lost in the speed and freedom of high speed sailing with the warm sun on my face. Back on land, I savor the sense of calm and happiness that only sailing fast on the water can bring to this old salt.

So Picture This: Waking up in my van after a great day of windsurfing to a midnight light in my eyes. The first word out of my mouth is “Wow”, as I look out over Sarasota Bay and see the full moon rising over the city. I quickly pull together my Canon 1DX, tripod, and 14mm wide prime lens, climb out of the van, and head down the dock to capture this shot.

Paul Cronin captures the passion with video and stills from a variety of coastal locations. Find out more at Paul Cronin Studios.