Good news, movie fans. Larry Rippenkroeger’s eagerly awaited PWC racing flick, Hot Water, now has an official Facebook fan page —

Yes, just the mere existence of the page seems to make the project more of a reality. But check it out and you’ll also see that a few more details about the movie are disclosed, including the initial poster (let’s just say it stretches reality by showing racers negotiating a buoy seconds before a 30-foot wave slaps them silly while also suggesting there might be a little “what happens on tour stays on tour” romance), the screenwriter (yup, it’s Rippenkroeger himself), the tagline (“Fun, sun, speed, and adrenaline, what every summer should have”) and this initial glimpse at the plot (kid gets into one too many crazy mishaps, so Dad decides to get rid of unruly teen for the summer by sponsoring a team and sending him on the pro race tour).

Don’t think I didn’t catch the irony of that last part…

Anyway, those of you on Facebook may want to “Like” the page to keep updated on any further developments, including what’s going on with filming during the Lake Havasu World Finals, as well as some upcoming filming this winter in the Hawaiian surf.