Kawasaki will offer the first personal watercraft with a factory-installed audio system, with the introduction this week of its new Jet Ski Ultra 310LX.


The 2014 Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX will be the first personal watercraft with a factory-installed audio system.

This most-premium model in the three-passenger performance/touring Ultra line is equipped with JETSOUND, a system that includes a pair of cowl-mounted waterproof speakers (aimed roughly at the rider’s knees) powered by a 20-watt-per-channel amplifier that will play music stored on a smart phone, MP3 device or memory stick that is stored in the console glove box.

The phone goes in a waterproof bag; the memory stick in a dedicated water-tight aluminum case. Volume and track selection is adjusted through a control surface on the handlebar pad.


Store a phone or memory stick in the console and turn up the tunes.

JETSOUND will only be offered in the $17,999 Ultra 310LX, which is also one of four 2014 Jet Ski Ultra models to get a bump in power, from 300 to 310 horsepower thanks to a revised intake tract and other updates to the supercharged 1,498cc engine that at its previous 300-hp rating was already the most-powerful available in a PWC. In addition to the Ultra 310LX, the revised engine will be offered in the Ultra 310X ($15,299), the deluxe Ultra 310SE ($15,799), and the racy Ultra 310R ($16,299). All Ultra 310 models also feature a new high-volume jet pump and a new digital instrument package, plus a revised fuel economy assist mode to improve range.

For more information, visit the Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX page.