A lot of people, including me, sometimes miss the days of smaller-feeling, nimble PWC, boats you can throw around a little rather than simply hold on for the ride. That’s probably why Yamaha held on to the GP series for so long. And why, when it came time to replace it, they introduced boats that bring back a lot of the GP’s attributes. Even if they did throw some new twists into the mix.

The FZ models roll nicely into turns, have a lightweight, sporty feel, and pack all the potency of Yamaha’s 1.8-liter engine under the hood. In short, they’re playful and exciting, delivering the raw emotional thrill of riding a PWC without relying on gadgets or bells and whistles to generate enthusiasm.

At the same time, these aren’t just warmed-over variations of what came before. They offer new ideas of their own, including a telescoping steering column that aims to make a rider feel comfortable sitting or standing.

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