I’ve got a thing for dry bags. Finding one in backpack form has been a challenge. The typical PVC material just doesn’t feel as pliable as it should, especially when stuffing it with things. The Aquapac Waterproof Backpack is made of TPU coated nylon fabric. TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which gives the pack its waterproofing.

I used the Aquapac on a weeklong boating and fishing junket, stuffing it with my cell phone, digital camera, video camera, wallet, and various garments for layering. Everything stayed dry. There’s a clear interior pocket that seals with hook and latch strips, where I kept my phone and wallet, and a yellow waterproof interior pocket where I threw the clothes.

The bag took a lot of saltwater spray and the outer shell lost none of its pliable feel. It also felt like a real backpack, comfortable to wear when I adjusted the straps. We’ll see how it holds up over a season of hard use, but so far I’m a fan.

Price: $85, www.aquapac.net