I recently spent an afternoon battling some Pacific Ocean afternoon chop off the coast of San Diego. It was the kind of day I usually dread — not calm, not big, predictable swells, but just messed-up, confused slop — but on this afternoon I was fortunate enough to be on one of the best big-water machines in the business — Kawasaki’s Ultra 260 LX.

Trust me, there’s a reason offshore racers choose Kawasaki Ultras when the weathermen predict a rough day. These boats are beasts, big, solid machines that tame the conditions like few watercraft can. Yes, they’ve gotten some stiff competition of late. I think the new S3 Sea-Doo hull is pretty impressive, and Yamahas have always been a preferred rough-water machine. But when it comes to truly big water, the Ultras just feel at home.

I recently completed a review of the 2010 Kawasaki Ultra 260 LX for PersonalWatercraft.com. Check it out to see why this may be one of the best big-water touring boats ever…