At Sea-Doo’s 2010 press introduction, my good friend and fellow boating writer Charles Plueddeman commented that the GTX 155 was the boat he had been waiting for Sea-Doo to make. The reason? It combined the solid new hull behind the GTX Limited iS suspension model, along with that boat’s “intelligent” braking system and forward-neutral-reverse capabilities, but packed it in a far-less-expensive boat that featured Sea-Doo’s base 155hp engine.

I’d have to say I agree. While the boat I was waiting for was basically a lot like the RXT-X, I can see the sales pitch for the GTX 155. It handles very well, it’s comfortable, it’s much more of a big-water ready machine thanks to that new hull, it’s got all those cool techy features, but it’s much more of a mainstream family model.

In short, add me to the list of those who think it’s a great boat. You can find my full review of the GTX 155 here at