Here’s a very low tech but innovative way to increase your party space.  Check out Box Tops 4 Docks by JDS Marine.  The Illinois company came up with a great idea to turn your dock box into a party platform by providing a dedicated space for plates, glasses, cans and bottles.  The topper will even improve the look of your old dock box. 

There are three models - Freeboard, Starboard and Overboard.  The basic platform remains the same but elevated glass and bottle holders can be added to increase the topper’s functionality.   

The Box Tops are made to fit triangular dock boxes and are made of ½ inch Starboard.  Since that is basically cutting board material, you can even cut meat or clean fish on it.  But you wouldn’t want to do that because these things are quite fancy and they won’t discolor, warp or mildew.  

Box Tops are made to be installed onto a dock box lid and they come with 5 stainless fasteners.  All you need to do is drill 5 holes and screw in the fasteners.  Better make sure your marina is OK with that first though.  Otherwise, you can just place them on top but don’t lean against one or your whole party is going in the drink. 

Today, you can buy one from JDS Marine from $325-495 depending on options.  And if you’re on an old dock like me with abysmal dock boxes and marina that’s too embarrassed about the state of the docks to tell you that you can’t add something, a topper will even improve the look of the neighborhood. 

The Overoboard

If you need a rectangular one, call JDS, they say they’re working on additional shapes and sizes.