I’ve heard an interesting rumor from several different sources over the course of the past few weeks — and that rumor is that Watercraft World magazine may be making a return.

True? I’m doubtful at this point. Affinity Media stopped publication, or lowered the annual number of issues, of quite a few titles over the recent economic downturn, and I think they’d have to feel like a mag would be a sure bet to bring it back. I’m sure the recent demise of Personal Watercraft Illustrated prompted a few discussions, of course, but in the end I don’t see anything happening as of yet.

I’m also not sure the industry would support another major print title at this point. Yamaha turned exclusively to online and mobile services for its promotional needs in 2009, and plans to continue that trend in 2010. Meanwhile sites like PersonalWatercraft.com (yes, I write for them, so excuse the blatant promotion) have grown rapidly and offered much of what was previously found in a mainstream magazine. Other sites, like PWCToday.com and GreenHulk.net have found an audience with more hardcore enthusiasts.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any details that might emerge, but as of now I’m calling this just what it is…a rumor.