Consumers Digest has released the results of its recent PWC roundup, and as the May/June 2010 issue of the magazine reveals, Sea-Doo has taken four of the organization’s coveted Best Buy designations. You may remember my previous post from April, where I noted that Yamaha had previously announced wins in two categories.


The Sea-Doo RXT iS 260 and RXT-X 260 took the honors in the Premium category; the GTI SE 130 and GTI SE 155 received nods in the Economy category.

According to the magazine, “Sea-Doo rocked the world last year when it brought its iControl system to market… In tests, we found that the level of control Intelligent Brake & Reverse system gives you over the machine is absolutely stunning.”

Of the Premium selection, editors further noted that “generous helpings of raw power and cutting-edge features make the RXT iS 260 the best PWC that you can buy and an excellent value.” As to the economy pick, the mag noted that the SE 130 “proves that economy PWC don’t have to be bare bones. It includes several features that you might not expect to find on an economy PWC.”

As always, there will be those who agree or disagree. But I know the professionalism of the article’s author (friend and fellow BoaterMouth writer Lenny Rudow), and I know from previous experience the level of research and detail required by Consumer’s Digest. I think there’s some good information here, backed up some solid hands-on testing.

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