There’s a lot of fast cutting, which makes it hard to actually see the craft in question, but the words onscreen make it abundantly clear — Sea-Doo will be releasing a 2011 model with braking and reverse technology for under $8,999.

The mid-August teaser video is designed to whet the appetite for the company’s full-scale produce launch, which I’ll be able to tell you about on August 30th at 12 noon. Rest assured I’ll have the details, as well as my initial riding impressions of the boats in question.

Initial reactions? It seems a lot of my conversations with enthusiasts and industry-types of late has been centered once again on the familiar theme that mainstream PWC have gotten too expensive. If Sea-Doo can bring the functionality of its braking system to a fun boat that’s near the bottom of the price scale, that’s certainly a good thing. Rumors persist that Yamaha may also be unveiling a reasonably priced model for 2011.

Until August 30th, enjoy the video…but don’t expect to glean too many more details. I’ve watched it several times already and the editors have done a good job of keeping the boat in question under wraps.