Intensely bright but super lightweight and energy efficient, Hella Sea Hawk floodlights can do double duty.

Hella Marine has introduced their new LED deck floodlights available in two models – a spreader lamp with a close-range, widespread beam of light that’s good for small spaces like cockpits and lockers, and a spot version which has a narrower beam for longer range applications like foredeck or spreader lights.  Both models come in black and white. 

Hella Marine Deck Floodlights

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, these marine-grade lights are rugged with a heavy duty polyamide optical nylons lens and a polymer housing that is shock, vibration and UV resistant. These lights have no bulbs to break or replace and are completely sealed to IP67 waterproof standards. 

Sea Hawk floodlights provide 240 lumens of white light but consume on 3 watts.  They are protected from reverse polarity, voltage spikes and stress from low battery situations and should have a long service life although the manufacturer hasn’t specified exactly what that is expected to be.

These Hella Marine lights come with just over 8 feet of tinned cable and are easy to install with their polished 316 stainless mounting bracket.  The lamps measure 5.35" L x 2.09" H x 1.93" D, including the bracket and weigh just over a half pound each.  The lights are CE approved and range in price from $140-$160.