Put Starbrite Boatwash up against its Seasafe Biodegradable Boat Wash, and which works best? Will you lose any cleaning power, just to go green? That’s a question we boat-loving fiberglass shiners want to know the answer to, and I couldn’t find anyone who had compared them head to head – so that’s what I did.

After spending a day offshore and getting the boat thoroughly bloodied up by mahi-mahi, we divided it down the centerline and washed the starboard half with Star Brite Boat Wash, and the port side with Star Brite Seasafe Biodegradable Boatwash. Both feature phosphate-free formulations, can be used on all surfaces including fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, etc.,  and are available in a concentrate form. (about $15/qt.; use 3 capfulls per gallon of water.)

At the end of the washdown, we couldn’t tell one iota of difference in the effectiveness of the two boat soaps. So I talked to an insider source at Starbrite, who told me that the two formulas are actually almost exactly alike; in fact, both soaps are phosphate-free, completely biodegradable, and safe for the environment. But there is one difference between the two, and we noticed it the moment we started the wash-down: the Seasafe formula smells like blueberries. Yep – blueberries! And, everyone agreed that it’s actually quite a nice scent.

So which should you use, the “biodegradable” formula or the regular boat wash? Either or, but I’m betting you’ll like the Seasafe formula the best… unless you don’t like blueberries, of course!

star brite starbrite biodegradable boat wash

Regular Starbrite boat wash vs Seasafe biodegradable, which is best???