Sunseeker is known for building yachts as opposed to boats and prior to the introduction of the 2017 Sunseeker Manhattan 52, the Manhattan 53 was their smallest offering in this line. Sure, it has 10’ less LOA than the Manhattan 65 that reviewer Alex Smith showed you a couple of years ago. Yes, it’s barely half the length of the Sunseeker 101 Sport Yacht. But this boat—more of a smallish yacht, really—has a lot more to offer than one might suspect. Join our UK reviewer (Sunseeker is a British builder, after all) as he takes a look at the Manhattan 52 at the Southampton boat show.

As Alex notes, the biggest surprise about this boat may well be its pricing. You’d expect a yacht like this to start significantly higher, and although the base number rises quite a bit with options and add-ons, the Manhattan 52 still seems quite reasonably priced. But don’t take our word for it; a look at these listings for the Sunseeker Manhattan 52 will help you learn a lot more.

Interestingly, this just-over-50 class seems to have been quite popular at European boat shows this year. Another recent introduction, the Cranchi E 52 S, splashed at the Cannes boat show. And the Fairline Targa 53 Open was another intro from Southampton. Those of us on this side of the Atlantic, of course, will have to wait for the winter boat shows to get a look at these cruisers in person. In the meantime, we hope these short videos help you decide which boats you’ll want to take a close look at—and you can find plenty of other boats to check out in our First Look videos playlist on YouTube.

In the meantime, for more information on the Manhattan 52 visit Sunseeker.