Question- A friend of mine was recently telling me about an emergency start kit that he says I could use on my boat if my regular battery got low on charge. He says the system he’s heard of will also help to keep DC power stable when there are heavy loads, like using my anchor windlass.  Have you ever heard of this system, and if so where could I get one?

super capacitor

The KAPower supercapacitor helps keep voltages level, and can even get a start out of a depleted battery.

Answer: I saw such a kit at the recent IBEX show in Louisville. The KAPower super capacitor looks like a regular battery, only it does have some extra wiring for its replacement ignition switch. The KAPower system is designed as an auxiliary power boost source that gets installed in a parallel configuration with your regular batteries. The capacitor gets its power from your existing batteries and charging system.

Its main purpose -- and an important one -- is to be able to gather enough power from a run-down battery to be able to provide an engine start, but there are other advantages, too:  Whenever your system experiences any voltage sag, for example when you start your engines (or activate an anchor windlass), the capacitor will discharge into the system and keep system voltages in a normal operating range. This is more important today as we all worry about sensitive electronic equipment blinking out.

To learn more about the KAPower systems and see how they can be configured in a variety of situations go to: Kold Ban International, KAPower.