Suzuki Marine has introduced five new outboard models at the Ocean Reef Club near Key Largo, Fla. The motors include a new 4.0-liter V6 DF250AP with digital controls, the new 2.0-liter four-cylinder DF115A and DF140A with an advanced lean-burn system, and the DF20A and DF15A, tiller-steer portables that are the first in this class with electronic fuel injection.

The Suzuki DF250A

The Suzuki DF250AP

Suzuki DF250AP

This is a de-tuned version of the DF300AP that appeared last season. That means this Suzuki 250 goes from 3.6 to 4.0 liters of displacement, and is now equipped with Suzuki Precision Control digital throttle and shift. It uses the same gearcase that was introduced on the 300, with robust forward and reverse gears. That case and the digital control system enable Suzuki Selective Rotation, which changes the motor from standard to counter prop rotation by simply replacing a computer chip on the motor. It’s also equipped with an oxygen sensor in the exhaust that’s part of the second-generation Lean Burn Control system that Suzuki says produces 16 percent better fuel economy at cruising speeds.

The Suzuki DF 140 A

The Suzuki DF 140 A

Suzuki DF140A/115A

These mid-size motors get a number of upgrades. The DF115A now uses the same 2044cc powerhead as the DF140A – it previously displaced 1950cc. Suzuki worked to reduce the weight of these motors, and shaved off 15.4 pounds. The DF140A now weighs 396 pounds, three pounds less than a Mercury 115 Fourstroke. The DF140/115 are also now equipped an oxygen sensor and improved Lean Burn Control, for up to 14 percent better fuel economy at cruise rpm and the ability to operate on fuel with up to 20 percent ethanol (E20). A knock sensor and a fuel filter with an electronic water-contamination warning protect the motors from bad gas.

Suzuki DF20A/15A

These kickers debuted at the Miami boat show in February, but this is the first time I’ve seen them in the water. They are the smallest motors equipped with EFI, and it’s a battery-less system so they can run as pure rope-start motors. Mercury offers battery-less EFI on its 30/25-hp Fourstroke models. Like that Merc, Suzuki uses a charging system capable of energizing the EFI and powering the electric fuel pump in 720 degrees of crankshaft rotation. I was usually able to start the motor on one pull of the rope, always on the second pull. At 97 pounds, the DF15A weighs about 14 pounds less than a Yamaha F15. The 327cc Suzuki powerhead is all new, and offers more displacement than the previous 302cc Suzuki DF15. Suzuki did not offer a 20-hp model in the past.

The Suzuki DF 20A

The Suzuki DF 20A

Other Suzuki tidbits include a new tiller control for the DF60/70/90 motors with an integrated digital tachometer and trolling speed control, and there is a Special Edition DF60 with an all-white finish.

I’ll be test-driving all of the new motors and will offer more details in future posts.