On the docks at the old Bimini Big Game Club

I considered it a crime against the boating and fishing community when the Bimini Big Game Club closed its doors a while back, crushed by the economic downturn. Founded in 1947, the Big Game Club is a legendary outpost on the first stop across the way from Florida. With that and the Compleat Angler, Hemingway’s old haunt that burned down in 2006, Bimini’s boating and fishing culture lost serious pieces of flavor and history.

The Bimini Big Game Club brings historical flavor back to Bimini.

Now, at least, the Bimini Big Game Club is coming back. It’s opening up, hopefully by May 1, under the stewardship of Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts & Clubs. The famous painter of fishing scenes and marine life, and noted conservationist, is looking to reestablish the club as an eco-tourism destination focused on fishing and diving. I, for one, hope to be one of the first back at the new bar.