WAKEBOARDING Magazine has in interesting article online about boat wraps, those custom graphic decals that can make your boat or PWC one of a kind, or dress up an aging hull. Like the wraps you now see on cars, trucks, vans, buses, etc, these vinyl makeovers have gotten pretty impressive in recent years, to the point that numerous companies — from boat manufacturers themselves to dealers and the aftermarket — now offer a variety of choices that can customize your ride far beyond the stock paint scheme.

What’s a wrap? It’s basically a vinyl film, printed with designs and graphics, that can be adhered to your boat’s hull to completely hide the colors below. Check out the following video, which shows a wrap being installed on a Supra Launch, to get an idea of the process:

Here’s the link to the WAKEBOARDING article on wraps. It answers a lot of questions about the installation, and the durability of the product. It also includes a long list of boat manufacturers that offer current wrap options.

And don’t think PWC are too small to get the wrap treatment. Here’s another video of a SXR getting a custom wrap. I think you’ll agree the end result is pretty impressive.