You have to be a hardy boat to hold up in a James Bond flick. But you also have to be beautiful, sleek, and fast enough to get away from the bad guys.

For each and every new James Bond, for every new Bond girl, there's also been a new Bond boat. So it's no wonder created this list of The 5 Best James Bond Boats.


Sorry, Pierce. This ride from "The World Is Not Enough" didn't make the cut.

From the article:
As a Commander in the Royal Navy, it is only right and proper that over the last 40 years or so, 007 has been involved in some marvellous powerboating scenes. Not all the craft he has used in that time have been outrageously high-end. In fact some have been distinctly modest – and yet, like his cars, all have possessed something that made them stand out from the crowd as something a man like Bond might have enjoyed.

In the article you find boats from "Live and Let Die," "From Russia With Love," "The Spy Who Loved Me," "Moonraker," and "Quantum of Solace."

Which Bond boats are absent from this list? (Sail, anyone?) Which would you add?