Topaz sailing dinghy now dubbed as “Boat in a Box” can be shipped anywhere. 

If you haven’t checked out the Topaz sailing dinghy, you now have one more reason to learn about this award winning design because it you can get it shipped just about anywhere in the US with minimal shipping costs.  Topaz is a roto-molded tri-lam polyethelene,  multi-purpose sailing dinghy developed in England by designers Ian Howlet and Rob White.   It’s easy to sail but provides quite a few thrills.  

One hull with an upgradable rig, the Topaz can be built into four different boats to accommodate a variety of sailing abilities.  The boat is virtually indestructible and is designed to be low maintenance with no gel coat or fiberglass to repair.  The construction provides a perfect combination of stiffness, durability and moderate weight.  

But the concept just got better as it can now be shipped in new, environmentally friendly, custom packaging that can come to you via UPS anywhere in the US. 

The packaging was designed by Virginia Tech University students and faculty who were asked to create lightweight, inexpensive, packaging, that is easy and efficient to assemble, using green technology, to protect the Topaz sailing dinghy during cross-country shipping.

The result is packaging that is affordable, weighs less than 45 pounds, and can be assembled quickly. The students designed two custom, light-weight, recyclable corrugated pallets, with lift points, in addition to a unique cradle system, also made of recyclable corrugated material. The cradle is then affixed to the top of the pallets and both protects and stabilizes the hull of the boat.

Voila, a Boat in a Box. 

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