A med kit is essential on a boat and you can get kits from the most basic to fairly advanced from a variety of sources.  Here are two that take a different approach and bring you far beyond Bandaids and gauze.  First Responder Educational Services, a Connecticut company, offers two kits for mariners. 

The Traveler is a basic life support kit that is designed to stabilize a patient for about an hour, providing you time to activate some form of emergency response services.  The kit can be used by anyone with minimal training and includes respiratory equipment such as oxygen with a variety of masks, clotting pouches, gauze, dressings, splints, a cervical collar and a shock blanket.   It also includes aHeartSine defibrillator and educational materials.  The kit retails for $2495.

For more advanced care, there is the Oceanic kit which includes everything that is in the Traveler kit plus tools such as sutures, catheters and syringes, and a pharmacy of over the counter and prescription medicines including anesthetics, analgesics, antibiotics, and antiallergenics including epinephrine auto injectors.  Due to the variety of controlled substances involved, you cannot purchase the Ocean kit unless you hold either an Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification or higher (physician or nurse) or a USCG captain’s license.  The company does provide for expiration notification via email and can resupply just about anywhere in the world.  This kit retails for $3795.

With either kit, you can also purchase a subscription to On Call International, a 24/7 medical and travel assistance network where physicians can talk you through the use of the kits or other medical procedures.  The service is just a few dollars a day and allows for unlimited calls. 

First Responder does provide first aid training at boat shows so check out their website at FRES-CPR.com for a schedule.