TreeFrogPad  - a super sticky pad that holds on to your stuff – even at angles.

Now this is a neat idea.  Check out the TreeFrogPad, a synthetic resin pad that measures 7” x 9” and is sticky so it holds on to cell phone, pens and pencils, glasses cases, keys, and all the other little stuff that bounces around your boat when under way. 

The TreeFrogPad is environmentally safe , tasteless, odorless, contains no solvents and is impervious to water.  Just put it on a horizontal or angled surface anywhere – it won’t hurt vanrish, paint or gelcoast but it will stay put.  It not only holds your gadgets, it provides shock resistance and hangs on to up to 2.5 lbs per square inch. No worries if you don’t want you iPhone to be sticky, the TreeFrogPad leaves no residue. 

You can cut it to fit smaller places (just wet the scissors so they won’t stick) and you can wash it with soap and water if you spill something on it or when it collects dust.  And for those of us who live in earthquake country, you can even use these to hold your fragile collectibles at home. 

It’s recommended that you don’t use the TreeFrogPad to mount something on a wall because on vertical surfaces, objects are likely to move over time.  The pad is designed to withstand quick movements like those in car or on a boat. 

A one-year money back guaranty is provided and with a price of just $12.95 (including shipping) , I bet you can find lots of uses for these.