Truplug foam cones add to the safety of your vessel.

We all carry wooden plugs in case a thruhull fails.  That means I also carry a mallet and make sure all the plugs are appropriately sized for the hole I expect to create.  Sometimes, holes aren’t perfectly round so wooden plugs are a challenge and good luck calmly finding that mallet when water is gushing into your boat. 

So Forespar came up with a better idea – the TruPlug emergency plug that is a bright orange cone of foam, measuring 5x9 inches and weighing 8 ounces.  Because it’s foam, it is easily inserted into any hole up to 4” in diameter - just push and twist, no mallet required. 

Foam can conform to irregular shapes so it can be used in a variety of openings to stop or slow the ingress of water.  You can even cut the cone with a knife to whatever shape or size you need.  Given its flexibility, the TruPlug can be stuffed into an exhaust hose or hull breech and can be compressed by hand or pushed into a gap with screwdriver or other tool. 

One TruPlug is recommended for every ten feet of vessel length.  At $19.95 per cone, the TruPlug isn’t cheap compared to stumps of wood.  But if one saves your vessel because it’s able to fit and fix the problem, are you going to worry about twenty bucks?